Monday, November 2, 2015

Thanksgiving Preparations

When it is possible for the Thanksgiving holiday, Christopher and I like to invite our family and friends to a homestead cabin in the mountains. It is usually brisk and beautiful with changing colors all around. There is a fireplace outside and inside. We get the fire going in both places for people to gather around the warmth being offered. Each year we are able to do this, we plan a potluck and assign items to bring. Christopher and I are not turkey fans, so we usually plan to have chicken or ham. However, we aren't opposed to anyone bringing turkey for the turkey fans.

This year I thought I would make my own cloth napkins. A dear friend of mine gave me a pattern for napkins. It is amazing. I have spent several days washing, cutting, ironing, and sewing fabric. I was even able to purchase fabric at 60% off. Although I'm on a mini vacation and not working on them for a few days, I have no doubt that I will finish them by next week.

I like to bring beautiful tablecloths and a gift for each family that joins us. This year, to be sure my napkins are not accidentally thrown away, I am planning to bring a beautiful basket to put the used napkins in. That way I can take them home, wash them, and store them away for next year.

I love to hear what people enjoy most during the holidays. What traditions do you have for the holiday? What new traditions would you like to start?


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